Triarch Communication - Payment made 13th of the Month Services Interupted

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 0 comments

This company will be reported to the BBB and the FCC as well as to any Social Services Government funded organization.I will also make a trip to the Television Station for them to do some research on this not so good phone service.

I don't feel like I have to limited or add on to make 100 words to something I'm complaining about. These are some very sad requirements, that you are being told to extend your words to 100.

Any complaint does not have to be limited to any amount of Dis-Satisfaction.Not good services.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama 8 comments

This company advertises phone service for $20.00+tax per month for people on government assistance.Don't let them fool you.

I have been paying $32.00, more than my AT&T service that included all the "luxuries" like unlimited long distance, voice mail, etc. Triarch allows you somewhere around 4 hours of l.d. a month after putting in this long 800 number.They cannot give me an explanation as to why my bill isn't what they promised. They are rude as rude can be to the point they will actually hangup on you in the middle of a conversation.

I keep telling them to disconnect my phone to no avail. I opted for direct online payment, and I can't get them to stop and my bank can't do anything about it either. PLEASE.

Watch out for this company.Saszy



:( I've had service 4 2 plus yrs.Never had a problem until now.

Phone service suspended win bill due on the 1st of the month. Cust.serv.,is non existant. Glad 2 kno Im not the only 1 goin thru the rudeness. r not,evry1 deseves 2 B treated fairly.I dont care if U spend $1.00!!!


i have been through all of the above.i am setting here right NOW phone off dont know why dont owe anything untill yhe 1st.

i have been on phone all morning for 3hrs on hold NO ONE NEVER ANSWERED.




This is ONLY To the ones who have the government pay part of your bill - Well maybe those of you who are welfare leeches should quit sponging off the government and work for a living, then maybe when you pay 100% of your phone bill you can be more selective in who your service provider can be. I PAY YOUR BILL, not you.


Yea, this company sucks..My mother decided to go with them after hearing that they subsidized phone service.

1st of all they don't take personal checks? What kind of bullshiggity is that? Almost everybody takes em. Nope..Money Orders, credit cards and direct bank drafts only.

My mother is disabled and can't get money orders nor has a credit card and the automatic bank drafts were out of the question. So its been about 9 months and she has been disconnected 2 times and you need some kind of code to call long distance that never works. ok i understand if you don't get the payment on time to disconnect, but we can't even get them on the phone to talk. I'm switching her to another phone service asap!

screw the discount.:(


I, have been doing business with this company for a whole year. They are rude and almost every time I, have a problemI get stuck with someone who barely speaks english, and they get mad at me when i can't understand what they're saying and say excuse me could you repeat that please.(JTFO) I, would'nt recomend this company either. Definitely, not worth it!!!!


I am sitting here on hold with my cell phone as well as my home phone to try to speak to someone to pay my bill...this month I am being charged an additional 25 dollars for last months disconnect. I dont get how they can keep changing amounts on us without notice. My bill was paid yet it still got disconnected and I WOUND UP PAYING to get it turned back on...over THEIR error...they are the rudest people I have ever had to deal today I let loose and used a few well alot of choice words for their dumb***e$


i been with thic company for 3mons now and yet to get someone on the phone who can help me. I paid my that's supposed to be $28.00 a month, i pay $33.00 a month instead.One month i was 2 dollars short,they increased my bill without notice and shut off my long distance.......


I've been with this phone company for five months and it's been ***.I've been hung up on multiple times.

My phone service has been disconnected several times, and I've had to call the company to restore my services and was charged a twenty dollar restore fee each time! I have never experienced anything like this before.

I reccommend no one uses this company.Not worth it.

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